InteresTV 1.0

Tune in to thousands of free radio and TV channels


  • Thousands of channels to choose from
  • Covers dozens of different countries


  • Shows lots of ads
  • Not all channels work
  • Lacks advanced features

Not bad

If you'd like to see what TV and radio are like in other countries, the best option is to take a look at channels that broadcast content online, with an application like InteresTV.

This app, whose name seems to have been misspelled, lets you browse radio and TV channels from all over the world. It features an original interface designed like a TV set, but unfortunately loaded with ads from Google.

The most striking feature about InteresTV is the huge number of channels it includes - more than 3,200 – from dozens of countries all over the world.
Of course, this doesn't mean they're all perfectly working, but having such a wide range to choose from makes up for the odd malfunctioning channel.
On the downside, the channels are listed on a never-ending drop-down menu on top of the interface, which makes the list quite uncomfortable to use, and the program lacks advanced options you can find in similar tools such as support for bookmarks or the ability to record channels.

InteresTV lets you take a sneak peek at TV and radio channels from all over the world, though is not as complete as other similar programs.

InteresTV enables to freely get more than 3200 online TV and Radio channel broadcasts. The program has real LCD HDTV interface and so more nicely than watch TV on standard windows programs.

The channels are organized by country and categories, and can choose channels by interests. All is free and does not require TV tuner card or special connection.



InteresTV 1.0

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    Small screen size with ads all over..
    Small screen size with ads all over. I deleted this garbage about 5 minu...   More